Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Familiar

Whilst we always enjoy visiting places new with Naughty-Cal there are also some familiar places we always like to visit and would miss if we didn't visit each year.

Wells next the Sea is one of those places. It was the first place we ever visited by boat on the coast and as such is a place we hold dear to our hearts. We look forward to our visit each May where we can catch up with the harbour staff and swap stories of the previous year. The whole town is so friendly and welcoming.

2016 will be no different, we will use the trip to Wells next the Sea as warm up run for our trip further down the Norfolk Coastline later in the year. It is usually a useful indicator of any problems we might have stacking up in the pipeline. 

I for one am certainly looking forward to our week in Wells in 2016. It seems a long way off just yet but time has a habit of passing us by and before we know it we will be preparing to head out to sea once more.

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