Wednesday, 2 December 2015

New Parts

It is now time to start planning what we will do this weekend on the boat. It will be nice to have a couple of evenings away from the thankless task of decorating at home. Who would have thought one hallway could be such a pain in the bottom?

But anyway this weekend we have a nice little list of jobs to do on Saturday morning before we head into Lincoln on Saturday evening for our Christmas Party.

One new part that has turned up is the new speed transducer for the Raymarine Tridata. Remember the old one? Well here is a little reminder:

 Nothing left of this one!

Well here is what is should look like. The new speed wheel and thermometer unit.

As well as installing this we also plan to get some fresh oil in the stern drive now that the oil seals have been replaced and get the drive built back up again. However looking at the weather forecast for the weekend, this may have to be put on hold!

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