Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Eco Kettle

Our kettle gave up the ghost last weekend so we had no choice but to buy a new one. With us spending a bit more time at home this winter it is becoming a vital piece of kitchen equipment.

Now shopping for a kettle you would think would be a simple enough process, but oh no. We must have viewed pretty much every kettle for sale in Sheffield before making our purchase. It had to look right and match the rest of the kitchen equipment you see.

In the end we opted for the Russel Hobbs 3kW Cambridge Eco Kettle. What makes a 3kW kettle and eco kettle I hear you say? Well its quite a simple gadget really. A series of plastic tabs within the kettle that tell you how many cups of water you have in there, so you only boil the water that you need for the number of cups you are making.

Enough water to make one cup of tea or coffee boils in just 45 seconds, enough for two cups about a minute. The manufacturer claims that this function could save you 70% of your electricity used to boil the kettle. Now this is a bold claim and of course only time will tell if the claimed savings ring true. But every little helps, right?

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