Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Swedish Sauna

It was starting to feel like a Swedish Sauna in our hallway last night.  I was doing yet more wallpaper stripping up the stairs ,  how much can one hallway have?, whilst Liam set about the wood panelling in the bottom section of the hallway.

Steam and pine cladding,  very Swedish Sauna. 

Don't worry mind, the panelling is soon to be painted so the sauna look won't last for too much longer.


  1. Are you sure you want to paint it? It looks rather eye catching as wood!
    Cheers, Marilyn

  2. It is a bit too blonde for our liking and there is a lot of it, or there will be when we have finished. As it's the first thing you see when you walk in the house we don't want it too "in your face ". Hopefully painting it will tone it down.

    Mind you that's a way off yet, there is a lot more panelling to fit yet before we can consider painting it!