Friday, 4 December 2015

More of the Sauna

So we got the next section of the Swedish sauna, AKA our hallway, clad last night. Don't worry the junction box is back on now!

Whilst Liam was busy with his wood, I got the last of the bulky bits of the wallpaper off the hallway walls on the upstairs landing. Well I say the last of the bulk, what I really mean is the last of the bulk that I can reach. We have some stair ladders but I won't go on them, that's Liam's job. But there isn't much more to get off. Another half hour should see it all stripped back to bare, if not slightly dodgy in places plaster.

We are now going to enjoy a couple of days off from the assault on the hallway and head across to Lincoln to get a few jobs done on Naughty-Cal tomorrow morning before heading to our moorers Christmas party at The Double Tree on Brayford Pool tomorrow evening. We also have to pay for our reserved tickets for New Years Eve at the Woodcocks this weekend. 


  1. Looking good, I love the kind of wood you are using there I swear cedar smell is the best part of it. I think I would prefer for someone to do the work as opposed to me it seems like it would be a bit of a difficult task. I have often considered putting in a standing humidifier for cigars.

    Ronni Casillas @ JNH Life Styles

  2. Thanks. It is coming along now.