Monday, 2 March 2015

The Final Furlong

All of the major works are now completed on Naughty-Cal. This morning we left her ready for her relaunch on Friday morning.

This year we have even had the time to have a bit of a clean around and tidy up which has been a bit of a bonus as in previous years we have been rushing around to get finished which has left me with a hell of a lot of cleaning to do on relaunch day. Not this year however. All of the tools are put away, the engine bay is gleaming again, the saloon and galley were scrubbed and the electric oven we have been using all winter is now in the boot of the car ready to put away for the summer. As handy as it is to have onboard it is just too unwieldy to have onboard full time.

There are a few last minute jobs to do as always. The ropes and fenders are at home ready for a good clean. The ropes will go in the washing machine and the fenders will have a good clean with EVM and some magic sponge to bring them up as good as new. The ensign and flag staff are also at home, the flag again will go in the wash whilst the staff will be sanded back and varnished. And last but not least the bedding has all come home for a good wash so that we will have a fresh bed for our first weekend of cruising.

Despite having spent so long ashore there are still a few little fiddly jobs that want some attention. The manual bilge pump wants servicing, we have a new element to fit in the hot water tank, a few fittings that need replacing but nothing major. All of the parts are ordered and should be delivered this week but we will perhaps not do them this coming weekend.

Also on its way is our new inverter. I'm sure you all know of our past woes with small and cheap inverters so this time we have gone for a bigger 2000 watt unit from a known manufacturer. Hopefully this should suit our needs. I suspect that installing this is one job that Liam may well decide he does want to do this weekend.

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