Thursday, 26 March 2015

Final Prep Work

This weekend we will be making our final preparations before our trip across the Wash next weekend to Kings Lynn.

It is now confirmed that we will be the only boat from Lincoln making the trip but that doesn't put us off, we have done it on our own before so we will go alone again. At least this time we will have some company when we get there.

So this weekend we have a few relatively minor jobs to finish off. First up will be filling the fuel tank up. After last weekends high speed tests we could do with about a 100 litres of so to brim the tank. On Sunday night we will also fill up the water tank so that we are ready to go as soon as we get to the marina on Friday evening.

The next jobs will be fitting the new electric element in the hot water tank. This has been playing up for some time now but it is one of those jobs we have always just put off, for good reason. The tank is incredibly difficult to get access too and the engine was heating the water anyway so we still had hot water unless we stayed in one place for more than a day. But finally we decided as almost everything else on the boat was now working we should really get around to sorting out the problem. So we have a new element to fit which should hopefully cure the problem and mean that we have hot water again from the electric hook up or the new inverter, although we will still run the engine with the inverter at work, it will heat the water much quicker than the engine alone, which struggles to heat the water moored up on tick over.

Next up is servicing the manual bilge pump. We discovered at the back end of last year that this was not working as it should and was struggling to pump water. So hopefully a new service kit should see this working again and pumping water. Of course we hope that we will never need it but it is nice to know that if we do it will be working.

With the immersion heater fixed and the manual bilge pump serviced it is then back to mundane tasks like changing bedding, cleaning the cockpit upholstery, scrubbing the canopies, polishing the dashboard, decluttering cupboards (although to be fair they are not really that bad we are getting better at keeping on top of the clutter!).

Fingers crossed by the end of this weekend we will be ready to go.

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