Thursday, 5 March 2015

Great Timing!

Yesterday my face decided to swell up to the size of a balloon, only on one side mind, not very symmetrical. And there the farce begins.

I rang the dentist surgery who said I had to go to the doctors first to check that it was a dental issue.

I rang the doctors surgery who couldn't get me an appointment until the 23rd March, yes that's right the 23rd!

So the final option was a visit to the Sheffield Hospitals Walk In Centre for minor injuries and ailments. Fill in your form and wait your turn, as it turned out the wait wasn't as long as some of the horror stories you hear and I was seen within and hour and a half. 

The doctor was none the wiser as to what was wrong but doesn't suspect a dental problem as there is very little pain which is usually associated with a dental abcess. So sent me away with a seven day course of antibiotics, luckily some that I can still drink in moderation with and a referal to the dental and facial hospital for further investigation once the infection has gone.

Beware the following picture is quite scary!

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