Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Somewhat Dismayed

As well as being extremely happy to have our pride and joy Naughty-Cal back in the water at the weekend we were also somewhat dismayed at the state of the Fossdyke. As we cruised along we were met with some quite frankly disgusting scenes of rubbish strewn everywhere.

2014 was cut short for us thanks to a ream of bailer binder which found it's way through the oil seals on the drive and we were shocked to see that this same plastic was still in the ditch despite Canal and Rivers Trust sending out a navigation notice about it shortly after we were pulled ashore in November 2014.

We will be really very annoyed if the oil seals meet the same fate so soon after being relaunched.

 The traffic cone that finished off our props last year still on the bank.

 Large clumps of bailer binding plastic still floating around in the water.

 Liam last November removing the props in Saxilby to release the plastic from the drive.

A picture taken by a fellow boater of the quite frankly disgusting state of the bank at Drinsey Nook.


  1. hope that you’ve let cry know that they’ve still not resolved the problem. Kind regards to you both, hope you have a lovely summer.

  2. I sent an email to the local CRT yesterday regarding this. I also sent them a copy of the bill for the work we have done on the boat this winter so that they can see just how much this costs us each time we get damaged oil seals.

    Not sure what response I will get but we shall see.

  3. It is disgusting, the amount of money we all pay for our licences and the waterways slip into further decline. All these do gooders keep banging on about the environment but I don't see any evidence of our canals being dredged or cleaned up...

  4. So the cone that damaged your props you just left on the bank ? Why not dispose of it properly, then at least some one else is saved the problem as no doubt some kind person will eventually kick it back in again !

  5. No. They cone that damaged our props was still in the water after we hit it. It was submerged. The bit the props ripped off and wedged between the property blades we disposed of in a waste bin.