Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Scrubbing Up

Last night we made progress with the last few bits and bobs that need sorting before Friday.

The ropes were treated to a good wash in the washing machine to keep them clean and supple. This year we remembered to put them in pillow cases to stop them tangling up. We had a bit of a nightmare last year when we forgot this simple step!.

The ensign was also given a good wash in the washing machine along with the boat bedding. The spare bedroom currently resembles a Chinese laundry with various items of boating gear as well as work clothes hung up to dry. It's a no go zone today.

Liam took a good look over the new inverter which arrived yesterday. He doesn't think it will be as simple a task as simply switching it with the old one as the new unit is much larger and heavier and might not fit in the same location. The cables supplied with the new unit also won't be long enough if it is mounted in the same place so we will have to have a bit of a think about this one at the weekend.

We still have a few bits to clean up. Tonight I plan to scrub the fenders whilst Liam is going to give the electric oven a good clean. This has now come home for the summer and will be stored out of the way. 

So progress is being made at a quickening pace now. Before too long we will be once more at the helm navigating Naughty-Cal from shore to shore.

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