Tuesday, 17 March 2015


This weekend was our first chance to test out our new 2000 watt inverter which Liam installed last weekend. Previously we have had a series of smaller 300 watt units but have always managed to inadvertently overload them and kill them, usually by forgetting to switch off the battery charger or the hot water. So this time we have installed a much bigger unit which should hopefully be able survive brief accidental loads.

We didn't try it out until Sunday in the end when I cooked two huge lamb shanks in the slow cooker. The inverter powered this no problems, but then again we expected it too as the smaller inverter had always managed fine with the low power required to power it. It was nice to be cruising along once more with the boat filled with the aroma of cooking lamb in a mint and leek gravy.

We also found that it managed just fine boiling the little kettle. We tried this with the engine running as we were cruising back along the ditch from Torkey and it worked just fine also. As expected it does take a lot of power from the batteries to power the kettle so we will only use it whilst the engine is running and the alternator can keep up with the power demands, otherwise our batteries will be toast in no time at all, as we only fitted these last May we really don't want to kill them just yet.

With the testing over we can now get on with cruising with 240v power available once more. Although we never really use it that much, it is nice to have the option. It will be nice for example on Friday evening to cruise the 8 miles to Torksey with the electric blanket on knowing that the bed will be nice and warmed through for us. 

I can't wait.

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