Monday, 9 March 2015

Back to Normaility

So it is back to normality for us and Naughty-Cal.

I am pleased to report that everything appears to be working as it should after all of the mechanical work over the winter. Cal performed perfectly over the weekend and was being suspiciously obedient despite the gusty winds.

As suspected Liam couldn't wait until next weekend to install the new inverter and set about it yesterday afternoon. In no time at all he had it all wired up and insitu in its new home beneath the cockpit seating where it will be sheltered from the elements and have enough room to breath freely. A quick test proved that it was more then man enough to run our little 1kw kettle with ease so in theory should also be plenty to run the 1kw element in the hot water tank. Now we just need to fit the new element and try it!

Back on the pontoons it was surprisingly busy with people waking their boats up ready for the season ahead, spring was really in the air and it felt good to be back.

As ever we still have a few bits and bobs to finish off before we are completely ready for a new season afloat. The engine is ready for a full service to include, fuel filters, oil and filter, all four belts, compressor oil, trim ram oil change, crank case filter and impellor and on top of this there are a few fixtures to replace, the retainer spring on the rear cockpit seat is dodgy so we have a new one to replace it and as the heavy inverter is now located under there we are going to add a second spring as well, the manual bilge pump needs servicing and the element in the hot water tank replacing. The last job will be scrubbing the canopies and resealing them with a couple of coats of Fabsil.

The list of jobs left to do isn't as long as in previous years by any means and with these few jobs completed we can officially claim everything onboard to be in full working order, although for how long is any ones guess.

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