Tuesday, 10 March 2015

It's the Little Things

At the weekend we realised it's the little things that come together to make life onboard comfortable and relaxing and generally make being around the water relaxing and comforting.

We have tidied up quite a lot of small loose ends and odd jobs whilst Naughty-Cal has been out of the water, none of them seeming to be important jobs in themselves, but when all brought together they have made a big difference. 

Simple things like the mini makeover of the shower room, for example. The old taps were difficult to use so getting the right temperature for the water was nigh on impossible, the old shower head leaked slightly directing pressure elsewhere, the shower waste hose leaked pouring water into the bilges but also making the flow of water out of the shower room too slow to keep up with the flow of water into the shower room, result, soggy feet. With these few simple jobs and a couple more completed in there the whole process of taking a shower omboard was much more pleasant. 

Why didn't we fix it before? 

It never seemed overly important while we were afloat. There was always somewhere more exciting to be, more important to do. 

Perhaps the most noticable of the improvements we have made has been the addition of the blue lights. The photographs really don't do them justice as they focus on the light source too much, but in the flesh Cal now emits a soothing blue glow by night both inside and out. This was perhaps the cheapest of the jobs we undertook this winter, the lights were £25 and the remote control £5 but it has been one of the more noticable improvement, if not a bit of a pig to install at the time. But Liam's efforts have been worth it and we are really pleased with the results. 

Now to get somewhere we can use them to their full effect. 

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