Monday, 12 January 2015

Windy Weekend Cruise

Had Naughty-Cal been in the water this weekend I don't think we would have been going anywhere with the strength of the winds and the unpredictable gusts that accompanied. In a way this typical British winter weather is making us glad we decided to get Naughty-Cal out of the water earlier and for longer than usual. We are not missing any cruising weather and we are getting loads of jobs finished ready for the upcoming cruising ahead.

We didn't miss out on boating completely this weekend however because after we had finished our few little odd jobs we were visited by a few friends who all came around for a quick drink and to say hello. For a short while it was party on Naughty-Cal although ashore!

As is usually the case with this lot plans were soon afoot for an early evening cruise along the Fossdyke to Saxilby for a few pints in the Sun Inn and a pizza before heading back for the marina. As I said earlier we wouldn't have ventured out but the wind didn't seem to overly phase the much bigger Sunseeker, Sole Mate. 

We did get some funny looks from the boats who had been moored in Saxilby for a couple of days pinned to the bankside though.

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