Thursday, 8 January 2015

Chilli Yorkshire Pudding

I discovered these quite by accident last night.

We were having bangers and mash, the sausage being some we had in the freezer as we need to make some space in the freezer in the next couple of weeks, but more on that another day.

So it's bangers and mash, some might say a little boring so lets jazz it up a bit. The mash instead of plain old potato was parsnip and leek and the gravy was mushroom and leek to compliment the lovely butchers cumberland sausage.

And then the Yorkshire pudding. I made these with chilli oil which we currently have in the kitchen. The result was just perfect, not over powering but with a lovely warm after kick to follow. Just right.

We also have some garlic oil and lemon  oil at the moment so I may try these at some point as well. In fact I think the lemon oil will be perfect for making pancakes next month.

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