Friday, 30 January 2015

Icy Start

Its a slippery, slidey, start to the day here in sunny Sheffield. Yesterdays snow had started to melt but overnight as temperatures dropped well below freezing the roads have developed a nice glass like finish. 

The main roads have been gritted well but venture off these and you may as well be off piste. I should imagine there will be plenty of accidents today, more so then yesterday.

But none of this is going to stop us heading over to the boat tonight. We have a few jobs to be tackling this weekend that really need to be done as we are quickly running out of weekends to get the work done.

This weekend Liam is going to sand down, prime and paint the transom shield, whilst I set about sanding down the antifoul paint in the areas where the yard staff were a bit shy with the pressure washer. We need to ensure a smooth finish for the fresh coats of paint that will be applied in a couple of weeks time.

Other then that it is a simple task of starting the polishing. We are slowly but surely getting there this year. During the month of February we should start to see Naughty-Cal undergo something of a transformation on the outside, ready for her year of cruising ahead.

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