Friday, 23 January 2015

More Fettling

Another weekend has rolled around quickly. At this rate it will be time to drop Cal back in the water before we know what has hit us.

This weekend we plan to tidy up a few loose ends on Saturday morning but we will be heading back home on Saturday evening with a boot full of lamb and stern drive, yes that's right lamb and stern drive.

Liam intends to finish taking off the drive tomorrow which should be an easy enough task as he has done all of the donkey work and just before Christmas we ordered a butchered half sheep from a local farm which is due to be delivered at some point on Saturday so we have to take that home on Saturday evening to get it in the freezer.

We have a few other bits and bobs to be fettling this weekend but nothing too strenuous. The trim tab anodes need fitting, the stern and transom need a good scrub to get rid of nine months worth of grime and scum marks before it can be polished and we have a bit of bilge water to vac out from under the engine. We discovered this a few weeks ago but have kept forgetting to bring the wet vac to suck it out. There isn't a lot in there, we believe it is there from when the raw water pump seals failed earlier in the year, but it needs to be gotten out. This will leave is with completely dry bilges which is hopefully how they will stay throughout this year now that we have dealt with all of the water leaks!

But before all of this, tonight we are heading out with friends on their boat, it's nice that we are not missing out on cruising despite being ashore. We are heading into Lincoln for a few beers and a meal in Wagamama's to celebrate my upcoming birthday on Monday. That will be twice we have been out already under the pretense of celebrating my 31st!


  1. I do hope that the unbutchered half of the lamb is ok without his/her other half!!

  2. The other half is being rehomed with a friend of ours :)