Saturday, 10 January 2015

Scraping in the Wind

Today I have been scraping in the wind.  Not quite as bad as pissing in the wind but not far off.

The trim tabs needed a year's worth of growth removing before the new anodes are fitted next weekend so guess who copped for that job?

To be fair Liam was busy in the cabin fitting the last of the new usb charging sockets but it did feel like I had the dirty end of the stick and the wind didnt help matters blowing the dust everywhere!

But they are now glinting in the January sunshine.


  1. I don't have those on my long tube boat.. What on earth are they?

  2. They are for balancing the boat when it's on the plane. It has one either side and they lift up and down to level the boat up in say a cross wind.

    Pretty essential on a small boat like Naughty-Cal as she is sensitive to cross winds and uneven load distribution.