Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to the Grindstone

So today it is back to the grindstone. Where has the last two weeks gone? It has flown by.

So here we are back to work and back to some sort of normality. No doubt it will take a few days to settle back into the old routine of work and home life.

Now with Christmas out of the way we need to start to plan what jobs need to take priority on Naughty-Cal. If the way the last couple of weeks have flown by is anything to judge it by in no time at all we will be getting ready to put Naughty-Cal back in the water after her extended period ashore.

It has been nice taking a break from it all but we will have a busy couple of months ahead if we are to get Naughty-Cal ready for the water again and the Sierra ready for the road again.

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