Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Bacon and Cheese Burger

It seemed to have been so long since I last made burgers that last night as we had some nice lean steak mince in the freezer and we need to make some freezer space, )more on this next week,) it seemed rude not too.

In this case as the mince was so lean and good quality steak mince, the burgers were simply the meat, salt pepper and a sprinkle of mixed herbs. The mixture was given a good knead by hand and then rolled into two balls before being gently flattened into a burger shape. These were simply baked in a hot oven for 15 minutes and topped with melted mature cheddar and a slice of smoked bacon and served in a crusty bun with fresh crisp salad and a dollop of mayo with a portion of paprika wedges, beer battered onion rings and side salad.

Just the ticket for a cold winters evening. Easy to make but great tasting. The good quality mince really did make these burgers something that bit special, with a firm texture but melt in the mouth and full of flavour.

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