Monday, 19 January 2015

More Jobs Crossed Off

It has been yet another productive weekend, despite only being at the boat yard for one day this weekend we have crossed off yet another few jobs from the ever dwindling list.

As you have already seen the bathing ladder cover, or the step, has been refitted and looks fantastic, Liam has done a great job of repairing this problem area, you would never tell it has been repaired.

The teak cockpit table and shelf have also been sealed with Semco teak sealant. They now look amazing with the different colours in the wood really showing through no. The sealant will also help to keep them water resistant and stop spillages from staining the wood. We are really pleased with the end result.

The final job for this weekend and probably the most challenging was stripping down the stern drive. The top half was easy enough and is now in the garage but we drew a blank with extracting the shaft. In the end we decided against brute force as smashing the gears would be an expensive mistake, so have opted to pay Burton Waters to extract the shaft on our behalf, an easy 10 minute job now that Liam has the drive stripped down for them. 

Despite flushing the drive through a couple of times there is still a surprising amount of water contamination in there so a lot of the parts will be treated to a wash in the parts cleaner before being rebuilt. 

Liam was a bit dismayed that he couldn't get the shaft out but he still has plenty to keep him busy this week with a couple of boxes of parts to strip, clean and prime and paint where appropriate.

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