Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Back to Boating

As this is a boating blog I suppose the subject matter ought to get back to boating!!

Last weekend we just pottered around on the Fossdyke. I was due a hair appointment in Lincoln on Saturday morning so it made sense to head down to the boat club on Friday evening and have a few drinks there before spending the morning and much of the afternoon doing a spot of shopping and enjoying a drink or two in the Royal William, right on the waterside of Brayford Pool. Eventually we set sail and made the epic five mile journey to Saxilby were we spent the evening drinking and enjoying a fine pizza from the recently opened pizza shop opposite the moorings. The first time we visited the shop they were newly opened and the food was a bit below par. This time it was vastly improved I am glad to say.

On Sunday it was a lazy morning of drinking coffee, reading the news and generally chilling out, before heading back to the marina to give Naughty-Cal a good scrub. She was looking a little grubby around the edges but is now gleaming white again. We had to resort to a stronger cleaner on the bow non slip which does mean that we will have to repolish and wax the topsides as it has stripped the protective wax coating but the boat does look much better for it. 

With Naughty-Cal cleaned and ready for this coming weekends bank holiday we head out on a short bike ride along the towpath. It has been many years since we last rode bikes and mine was beginning to show signs of not being happy after being rudely awoken from its ten year slumber in the garage. The tyres were beginning to crack up and various parts have started to rust in the few weeks it has been outside, so Liam has taken it to work to fit two new tyres and also service it and grease up anything showing signs of dispair!

With the bike fixed we shall stick it back on the roof of the boat and set sail for Kirkstead Bridge this weekend where we will be spending two nights with the Lincoln Boat Club.

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