Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Homemade McMuffin

Fancy a McDonalds? No me neither but I did fancy a muffin for breakfast this morning.

To make this was dead easy. Start by grilling a slice of bacon. Whilst the bacon is cooking fry an egg in a little oil. I fried the egg in a round pastry cutter to get that "authentic" look for the egg. Before the egg is fully set add some grated mature cheese to the top of the egg and cover with a small plate or similar to ensure that the cheese is melted and the egg is set on the top.

When the egg is nearly cooked, lightly toast a muffin and lightly butter the muffin. Finally add your bacon, egg and cheese to the muffin and enjoy.

Costs for this McMuffin breakfast were £0.20 muffin, £0.15 bacon, £0.15 egg, £0.20 cheese. So about £0.70 per McMuffin which is far cheaper than the takeaway version and I have to say it was far tastier as well. 

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