Thursday, 10 April 2014

It's Ready

After sitting around all day yesterday waiting for the new carpets to be delivered I had pretty much lost interest in the whole affair. What I had hoped to be a couple of hours of work max, turned into a whole day which I will now have to take as holiday. What a waste of a day.

Anyway, when the OH got home interest was rekindled as he set about marking out and cutting the new carpets to size, using the old ones as templates and being ultra careful to ensure that when marking out the carpets they were both the same way up so as not to get a mirror image of what we actually needed!

After initially thinking we wouldn't have enough carpet to do a full set of carpets plus over mats, it has transpired that we actually have enough to make a second set of over mats at some time in the future. But for now we are going to settle with having the main carpets installed for Easter. The over mats still need their edges binding which with the best will in the world isn't going to be finished by next thursday as we have many other things to do before then as well.

As for the colour, well you will just have to wait until they are in situ before you can have a peek at that!

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