Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Humber Strikes Again

Yet another leisure boat finds itself in trouble on the Humber.

This account is taken from the Humber Rescue's Facebook page.


Volunteers from Humber Rescue were paged at 1256hrs to reports of a vessel which had struck the Whitton Lightfloat in the River Humber. The vessel, a 26 foot yacht was said to be damaged, sinking with 2 people on board.

The rescue boat was launched and teams were on scene of the sinking within a couple of minutes only to find the yacht sunk and no sign of the two people. After a rapid assessment the crew spontaneously switched into search mode and scanned the area for any sign of casualties.

Thankfully the couple, were found clinging to the light float, in shock but safe and well. They were quickly transferred to the Humber Rescue boat and returned to the shore where they were handed over to paramedics for a check up.

Volunteers returned to secure markers to the yacht in readiness for recovery at high tide. After a complicated operation the boat was eventually beached on Hessle Foreshore for salvage and to recover valuables."

Thankfully everyone is safe and sound if not a little shaken. But this does serve as a timely reminder that the big river is a dangerous place to be.

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