Wednesday, 16 April 2014


We have finally finished our list of jobs to do before setting off for our Easter cruise. 

With a final push last weekend and a flurry of activity we finally got Naughty-Cal ready, well very nearly ready in time.

The cabin now has fresh, new carpets which look great and are a real change from the previous cream carpets which were a pig to keep clean. The canopies are scrubbed and have had a coating of Fabsil to keep them looking great and keep them waterproofed. The dinghy is scrubbed top and bottom and with fresh petrol is running sweet as a nut as usual.

The only minor jobs left to do which we can squeeze in on Friday morning as they are only tiny jobs is to replace the shower hose in the shower room and replace the taps in the shower room. To be fair they only arrive yesterday so we couldnt have done them at the weekend if we had time anyway.

So there we have it. We are ready to go. Roll on tomorrow evening.

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