Friday, 11 April 2014

This is What it's All For

All the effort we are putting into Naughty-Cal to get her ready for our Easter break and this is what it is for. The chance to boldly go where no Sealine has gone before. The Thywritt Arms at Short Ferry.

The picture above shows where the Thyrwitt Arms is located on the banks of Barlings Eau, a tributary of the River Witham. In the picture the Witham is the main body of water flowing North West to South East . At the bottom of the picture where the bridge crosses the river is the main course of the river and the one you would normally take. Barlings Eau is the bosy of water flowing in a roughly North to South direction into the Witham and it is up here that we intend to head.

And here is where we will be moored for a couple of days. Right outside the pub, as close as we can get to all of the action. This is a big family friendly establishment and adjacent caravan park so there will be plenty to keep us busy. On sunday we will be bopping away to the Old Skool Disco with a selection of 70's, 80's and 90's tunes. Bring it on!

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