Thursday, 24 April 2014

Easter 2014 - Part 3

Day Three
Dunsten Fen to The Thywrhitt Arms, Old River Witham

4 Miles 0 Locks
Total 17 Miles 2 Locks

 After a lazy breakfast at Dunsten it was time to set off again.

 Heading up the Old Witham.

 It starts to get narrow.

 The local residents seemed a bit bemused.

 Not a deal of room under the bridge.

 The turn off to the pub.

 All safely moored up. It is very shallow in the edge so it was a case of legs up, engines off and pull the boats in by hand. It was deep enough to pull alongside though.

 The boats by the pub.

 Quick dinghy ride up the Barlings Eau.

 Kev on a quick reccie.

And the very tame Blackbird at the moorings.

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