Thursday 26 September 2013

So Are We Ready?

So are we ready for our long weekend?

Well……sort of.

We had a bit of a manic weekend last weekend what with the boat club rally, a boat warming party and friends from afar, well Goole visiting. In between all of the festivities we managed to fill up the diesel tank. It only took another 40 litres to fill the tank which was a nice surprise; we expected it to take a fair bit more. And we remembered to fill up the water tank so we are ready to leave as soon as we make it to the marina and stick our gear on the boat on Friday evening. To be fair we managed a quick vacuum, a token gesture of a tidy up and changed the bedding as well so not a completely wasted weekend.

We have a couple of small jobs to keep us occupied during the boring run to Boston. The new LED bulbs for the cabin still need fitting. Liam can do these whilst I am cruising down river and the shower sump lid still needs fitting but again this can be done whilst underway, so nothing pressing that will stop us heading away. This is of course one of the benefits of keeping everything in full working order, you can afford the odd weekend with no tinkering.

So we are sort of ready for our long awaited long weekend away to Kings Lynn. Tomorrow will be a long evening as we need to make some good progress towards Boston if we are to make our 11.00am tide on Saturday morning. We wont be at the marina until about 7pm tomorrow evening and ready to leave at about 7.30pm but we hope to get at least as far as Kirkstead Bridge and ideally a little bit further, I quite like the idea of strolling into the Packet Inn  at Dog Dyke for last orders but this would be a long haul. Only time will tell where we end up. At the very least we want to get the two locks at Stamp End and Bardney out of the way which still leaves an early start on Saturday.


  1. Ooh, our way, sort of! Have you been to the Cam on your boat before?

  2. Hello Amy.

    This will be the first time we have ventured up the Ouse with Naughty-Cal. Not sure why we have yet to explore that way but we are really looking forward to a couple of nights on the new pontoons at Kings Lynn. We wont be going any further up river this time due to work commitments but it is certainly on the list of rivers to explore at some point in the near future.

    If the weather looks too bad to do our cruise up to the coast to Scotland next summer then we may head up the Ouse instead and have a week inland. We are very much spoilt for choice with places to visit from our current base in Lincoln but we are gradually ticking more off the list.

  3. Well, do give us a shout if you ever do venture further Ousewards. Have a great weekend in Kings Lynn!

  4. Will do.

    Just booked us in for dinner tomorrow at the Marriots Warehouse on the quayside which looks rather nice. Looking forward to exploring the place, we have no been before.

  5. How is The Packet In these days? Last time I went past it was unfortunately shut up.

  6. Its one of the better pubs on the river. Friendly welcome and good honest home cooked food at good prices. We always try and pop in on our way past even if just for a swift drink.