Saturday 31 May 2014

Roger and Out

So we find ourselves on the return leg of our journey. We are currently anchored just off Charlie Buoy in the wash waiting for Roger Sands to appear so we can have a BBQ for lunch and a game of cricket. 

No sign of sand yet though! 

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Quick catch up

Phone reception here in Wells is a little hit and miss so whilst we are connected here is a quick catch up. 

The weather was a bit rough yesterday with heavy rain all day and a strong north easterly blowing straight down the harbour. It was fairly choppy on the moorings to say the least. 

Today is a completely different day though. The wind has swung around giving us an easier ride and the rain has cleared. What a difference a day makes! 

Monday 26 May 2014

Sunday 25 May 2014

Rained Off

Well the heavy rain yesterday put us back a day as we didn't fancy heading across the Wash with such limited visibility. So we are heading out today. 

Although the wind has picked up now so it should be a bit bouncy on the Norfolk coast! 

Friday 23 May 2014

Wet and Dry

The last time we left the canopies off the boat all week we vowed never to do it again. We got back to the boat a week later to find it covered in bird muck and arrived in the middle of a heavy rain shower.

Well guess what? We did it again!

Will we ever learn? Most probably not but we have decided what ever the weather when we arrive at Burton Waters tonight we are keeping them off. There seems little point in refitting them to take them off again at dinner time tomorrow when we head out onto the Wash on the way to Wells next the Sea.

So we will probably be met with a soggy boat when we arrive and we will probably get a little wet on the way to Boston but will we care?

Not a jot. We are going to be on holiday.

Thursday 22 May 2014

High and Dry

This poor yacht has found itself stranded on the Humber for the next few weeks after her owner misjudged the tide and found her stranded on one of the many sand banks. Unfortunately for the yacht and her owner the next tide high enough to float her off is now the middle of June. 

Looks like we have a temporary navigation marker!

 Humber Rescue to the rescue.

 The yacht stranded on the sand bar at low water. This is in the middle of the Humber!

 Inspecting the yacht to check she is safe.

 At high water but still stranded. Not enough to free her from the mud.

Leaving the vessel for another tide.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Smoked Gammon

We finished off the last of our Berkshire pork last night, a pair of smoked gammon steaks and they were delicious. Just the ticket for a Monday evening after work. 

Here I served them with loaded sweet potatoes (sweet potatoe, mature cheddar and rosemary), poached free range egg and a mixed seasonal salad. Beautiful. 

Monday 19 May 2014


Naughty-Cal is ready and raring to go however we still have another five days of work before we can set her free and let her stretch her legs for the first time this year. 

She will just have to be patient for a wee while longer! 

Sunday 18 May 2014

Happy Days

This is what boating is all about. Happy days afloat with mates. Long may this weather continue. 

Saturday 17 May 2014


We have a chart for our summer trip now. It was on the back of the boat when we arrived yesterday. 

Ok. So I'm only joking. But we did once do this on the Norfolk Broads! 

Thursday 15 May 2014


The above picture is a very good example of why it is important to follow the buoyed channel on tidal and coastal waters. It shows Wells next the Sea at low water. The buoyed channel follows the deeper water shown in this picture. However even at high water there is very little scope to head straight across the sands without finding oneself on the beach.

Even seemingly more gentle waterways such as the Trent and Ouse have charts highlighting the deeper water channel. Many boats each year find themselves high and dry after either ignoring the charts or worse still not having them at all!

It doesnt take much time to make yourself familiar with the route you need to take where ever you plan to cruise. 

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Holidays are Coming.

Its almost time for our first proper holiday of 2104. Our annual trip to Wells next the Sea on the North Norfolk coast.

Its a trip we have done many times now but Wells holds a special place in our hearts and we never tire of pulling into port, clambering over the bar, rounding the lifeboat house and seeing the harbour open out in front of you. Such a welcoming sight.

We have just one weekend left now to get Naughty-Cal ready for her first extended break of the year. On saturday we need to go and pick up some diesel to top up her tank, 60 litres should do the trick as she has been quite frugal so far this year. Then we need to drop off the bikes at our friends house for the week, we didnt think leaving them on the bow on the sea would be such a good idea!

Finally its a big clean up and declutter. Everything that is not necessary will be taken off the boat. Why carry excess weight around? With Naughty-Cal cleaned its time to turn our attention to the dinghy. The bottom needs a good scrub and then it needs putting on the davits for its sea trip across the Wash.

This holiday seemed so far away even just a few short months ago, yet now here we are just a week or so away from the off. I cant wait.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Battery Update 2014 - Part 2

Our domestic batteries let us down once again over the May bank holiday weekend. So we took the decision to change them before we set out on any holidays for the year. Oddly with very similar usage the weekend just gone they performed just fine but we have changed them anyway now. The old ones have been donated to a friend who has shot batteries.

As we have been happy with the Varta batteries we replaced them with another pair of 105 amp Varta batteries this time from the” Professional” Varta range. Hopefully these will perform just as well as the last lot. To be fair we could probably have limped through the rest of this summer with the old batteries but it didn’t seem worth the hassle and the worry for the sake of £155. We would rather replace them and know we will have plenty of power at our disposal for our summer holidays.

The plan is to now also buy and install an 1800 watt inverter when we get back from Wells next the Sea in a couple of weeks, mainly to heat the water if we are staying in the same place for a couple of days but also to boil our small electric kettle when we are on the move. We would still use the gas kettle if mooring in the same spot for a while but it seems daft using the hob when the engine is running to propel us along anyway. We think we have narrowed the search down to the Sterling 1800 watt unit with remote control.

Monday 12 May 2014

Weekend Away

 Brayford Belle back on duty after the sad death of her skipper last year.

 Nice day for it!

 Cruising into the storms.

 That will be another shower then.

 Cruising by the farm moorings at Saxilby.

 Approaching Torksey.

All safely moored with yet more showers and rainbows.

Friday 9 May 2014

May Bank Holiday 2014 - Part 4

Day Four
Kirkstead Bridge to Burton Waters

19 Miles 2 Locks
Total 38 Miles 4 Locks

 Cruising back along the Witham.

 Heading for home.

 Heron fishing on the river bank.

 We had to briefly anchor whilst sorting out some weed on the drive. This is what we dragged back up with us. I suspect the Witham weed is going to be quite bad this year if we are having problems so early in the year.

 Doris hard at work at Stamp End.

 The commodore taking a break.

 Busy moorings waiting for the lock.

Busy Stamp End lock.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

May Bank Holiday 2014 - Part 3

Day three
Kirkstead Bridge

0 Miles 0 Locks
Total 19 Miles 2 Locks

 The boys playing with their toys.

 Busy moorings.

 Lincoln Boat Club boats.

 Jack. Our mascot for the weekend.

 Busy moorings. Several boats passed the moorings looking to moor but declined the opportunity to raft alongside. Their loss!!

Seen on the way back from the pub. Hope it wasnt one of the locals!!

May Bank Holiday 2014 - Part 2

Day Two
Fiskerton Fen to Kirkstead Bridge

11 Miles 1 Lock
Total 19 Miles 2 Locks

 Lovely morning at Fiskerton Fen. We never tire of this spot.

 Naughty-Cal all alone on this secluded mooring.

 Looking back at the moorings from the farm on the way back from the egg run.

 Bardney Lock.

 Still waters as we cruise down the Witham.

 Despite it being a bank holiday weekend the river is still very quiet.

 The Great Crested Grebes were busy fishing along the river.

Naughty-Cal and Devocean tucked up safely on the Kirkstead Bridge visitor moorings.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

May Bank Holiday 2014 - Part 1

Day One

Burton Waters to Fiskerton Fen
8 Miles 1 Lock

 Leaving Burton Waters.

 Sunset over Brayford Pool.

 Cruising towards the Glory Hole.

Naughty-Cal entering Stamp End Lock.