Sunday, 15 July 2018

Another Fine Day

It was another fine day yesterday and after a quick pit stop at the marina we headed to Saxilby for a few beers.

Today it is back to the marina to do a few final jobs on the boat before the off next week.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Early Start

It is an early start for us this morning. Already we have cruised the length of the Fossdyke.

We met up last night with very good friends in the Swan at Torksey who were in passing on the Trent. But I have to be in Lincoln for 9.30am for a hair appointment so it was a 6.30am alarm and up and on our way.

Still the river is beautiful at this time in the morning m

Friday, 13 July 2018

Waters New

Despite having been to the Norfolk Broads many times now there are still parts that we have yet to see and visit, either in our own boat or on hire boats.

Take the River Wensum in Norwich for example. We have visited on the hire boats as far as the limit of navigation for hire boats goes at the yacht station, yet we have never taken Naughty-Cal up there. This year we plan to remedy that but not only go that far. In our own private boat we still have a section of river up stream of the yacht station to explore. A section of river we will never have seen before and it does look very pretty in places.

As we will have a whole two weeks to play with this year we will take our time and explore the less well known sections of the Broads system and the extremeties of the rivers and hopefully fill in some of the gaps of the places we have not yet visited.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Rediscovering Pastures Old

Since becoming Sydney's custodians we have been busy exploring Sheffield's green spaces. Last night it was the turn of the Bole Hills park, a place where Liam spent a lot of his youth as he lived just a stones throw away.

We had not visited for a long time and there were parts of this park that I had not seen before. Liam was in his element exploring his old stomping ground and seeing how it had changed over the years.The BMX track was where he had the most tales to tell.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Booking In

Whilst in Norfolk last year on the hire boat we discovered a brilliant restaurant by the riverside at Acle called Pedro's. It had not been open that long but the food was excellent and we had a really good time in there.

We were a little bit sad then that since getting Sydney and him still suffering terribly with separation anxiety that we would not be able to visit again.

So imagine our surprise when we found out that the place is super dog friendly. We were to put it politely over the moon and decided straight away to book in. So next Friday evening, the day that we are launched into the Broads at Sutton we will be heading straight for Pedro's to enjoy our first meal of the holiday.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Edging Closer

With a few more jobs crossed off the lost last weekend we are edging ever closer to our holiday on the Broads now.

Just one more weekend to go and one more batch of little jobs to tackle.

We have decided to leave Fabsiling the canopies until we get back from Norfolk. Whilst the Wet and Forget is doing a sterling job on the hoods it is no quick process. So we want to give it as much chance as possible to work before we reproof the hoods. There is no pressing need to reproof them just yet.

Other little jobs on the list include pulling out the stereo to get at the wiring to the USB charging socket in the saloon, this has a dodgy connection that needs some attention, checking the bilges for water, I can't imagine there will be any down there but we need to double check and lastly carrying out a set of engine checks to ensure that all is as it should be with the big green lump.

Oh no, sorry there is one last little job and that will be removing the hoods and packing them away neatly so as to take up as little room as possible and then fitting the tonneau cover ready for transport by road to Norfolk next Friday.

We are counting down the days now.

Monday, 9 July 2018

What Are You?

For the past twelve weeks there has been some deliberation as to what breed of dog Sydney is. The poodle part is pretty obvious, but poodle crossed with what?

We had initially thought poodle cross with jack russell, or jackapoo as they are commonly known, but comparing him with his best buddy jack threw up more questions then answers as although they look similar at first glance they really are not that alike at all.

A chance encounter with a lovely couple on the way to Woodcocks for dinner last night finally settled the argument. They had with them a beautiful six month old Schnoodle, a poodle cross minature schnauzer. Although she was a full chocolate brown version the similarities in shape and stature were immediately obvious. After a lengthy chat with them we came away certain that we now know what he is and a bit more clued up on the characteristics of the breed. Having also owned Schnauzers they were really very knowledgable.