Friday, 22 February 2019

Plugging the Gap

We have finally decided how we are going to plug the gap left behind by the drilling a large hole in the transom for the transducer cable. 

We are going to use a scan strut cable seal. Not the cheapest option by far but it will provide a water tight seal and is a product specifically designed for the job.

No point scrimping and allowing water to enter the boat on a job like this. If we are going to do the job then it wants doing right and saving a few pennies now will only more likely than not cause more work later on.

In other news it is bath night tonight for Sydney. We are going to try him with some baby shampoo tonight rather then his usual dog shampoo. We may be having guests staying over tomorrow evening, but we are not sure yet they may have to cancel at short notice. We won't find out while this evening however so we are unsure what we will be doing this weekend. No boat though until next weekend.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Plotting A Course

Since we have bought a new chart plotter it was time to also update our charts. Well we had no choice really as the old plotter used a flash card and the new plotter uses a micro SD card. The two being completely incompatible.

Our old charts were the Navionics Gold charts which have always provided us with an adequate level of information wherever we have cruised. This time however we have decided to go for the new all singing all dancing Navionics Platinum Plus charts which include many extra features including aerial views of harbours, terrain overlays, live updates amongst many other new and exciting features.

Perhaps the best feature we have though is access to a Navionics account so that we can plan our routes from the comfort of home, download them onto the memory card and then put the card into the plotter and hey presto the information is there to hand. 

Time to start playing with the new software and see just how good it really is. We will have plenty of time to do this though as we are not going anywhere with Naughty-Cal this year that will require us to plot a course!

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The Route of the Problem

With the new chart plotter has come a transom mounted transducer that works the sonar, down vision and also the water depth and water temperature. This will be mounted to the stern of the boat below the waterline.

Now the only problem with this is routing the cable from the transducer to the sonar module which will be mounted in the engine bay and then routing the cabling from the sonar module to the chart plotter which will be on the dashboard.

The second length of cabling from the sonar module to the chart plotter we are not so concerned about but the first length of cable from the transducer to the sonar module requires quite a hefty hole to be drilled through the transom of the boat so that the connector can thread through and into the engine bay. Not something we are really looking forward too it does have to be said. We need to make that hole water tight again!

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Making More Work

Now it isn't as if we didn't have enough work to do on the boat in a short space of time but now we have just made ourselves some more.

We had no intention of upgrading Naughty-Cal's navigation equipment this year, after all she has a very quiet year in the making. But when an offer came up on a ex display Raymarine A75 well, we just couldn't pass up on the offer. It was £200. Bargain of the century.

We have had to buy a few bits to go with it. The sun cover was missing so we have got one for £20 and this model didn't have in built sonar and down vision so we have had to buy a seperate module and transducer for that. But we are still well under the RRP for the package. In fact less than half of what it would be bought as a package from a retailer.

We have also found a great deal on some Navionics Platinum Plus UK and Holland charts at a massive reduction on RRP with 18 months free updates. So all in all we have picked up a great deal but now we have to get around to fitting it all up before the boat is put back in the water!

Monday, 18 February 2019

Still At It

It is another evening of decorating in the household.

Sydney is less than impressed.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Getting There

We are definitely getting there with the DIY in the hallway now. The difficult bits are done and it is only wet paint that has stopped progress with the paper today.

The paper will be finished tomorrow evening and then we have a couple of bits of touching up left to finish. 

Then we are waiting on others to do the flooring and new interior doors before we can declare the project over.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Working Up

Today has been a day of making more progress in the hallway. We had an early start and have made real progress. The pampering is working it's way up the stairs with the huge drops we were concerned about finished.

The first coat of paint is on the wood upstairs with the next coat due tomorrow. I have a bit of touching up to do on the panelling downstairs tomorrow as well.

We are getting there and the end is in sight.

No picture today I'm afraid. But we did manage to get out for an hour for a couple of drinks at Kelham Island. We are now back at home and planning to have a curry tonight.