Monday 31 July 2017

A Mixed Bag

Yesterday was a mixed bag with the weather. The day started out bright and reasonably warm as we enjoyed a breakfast of toasted Stornoway black pudding, smoked dry cured bacon and Mull mature cheddar sandwiches on our home berth.

By the time we had a couple of lazy cups of coffee however the wind had picked up and a cool breeze was lowering the temperatures.

Undeterred we set off for a steady run into Lincoln. I had a hair appointment at 1pm so we ambled down the Fossdyke, moored up on our favourite spot outside the riverside centre and found a quick drink before hand. Hair done I then rejoined Liam for a beer with some friends before moving onto the Pyewipe for a swift drink and a bit of shelter from the now more frequent heavy showers.

We had decided already that we were going to have dinner in the Woodcocks on the marina. We have not been for a long while although neither of us was quite sure why. So in the company of friends and their daughter we enjoyed a nice meal, my goats cheese and vegetable lasagne was really very nice, after which we headed back to our home berth and settled in for an early evening ready for work this morning.

Sunday 30 July 2017

A Plan In The Making

Having only just got back from this summer's holiday we now have the makings of next summer's holiday.

A group invasion of the Thames.

Plenty of planning to do in the next 12 months to get all of the boats in the same place at the same time!

Saturday 29 July 2017

A Lazy Day

We are having a thoroughly lazy day today. We had a nice lie in this morning followed by a lazy breakfast.

We are now heading into Lincoln to do a spot of shopping.

Later we have to head back to Sheffield for a family party but I will drive us back to the boat late this evening so that we can enjoy a full day of boating tomorrow.

Friday 28 July 2017

The Worst Week

After two and a half weeks off work we are almost through the worst week of work, the first one back. It has seemed like a long week but we are steadily getting back into the swing of things.

I think we will both be glad when 5pm comes around and we can jump in the car and head back to Burton Waters to spend some time on the boat. A lie in is in order in the morning I believe. All of this waking up early to the alarm clock is a bit overwhelming after so long off.

It will be a bit of a broken up weekend of boating however. We are down at the marina tonight and will spend most of tomorrow there but then we have a family birthday party to attend in Sheffield tomorrow evening. So we will be driving back to the city and then later in the evening I will be driving back as I have a hair appointment in Lincoln on Sunday morning.

Still we will get some boating in and we can have a day tomorrow chilling out and relaxing in Lincoln.

Thursday 27 July 2017

Scotland 2017 - Part 6

Day Thirteen
Oban Marina, Kerrera to Seil to Kerrera

Oban Marina

View of the marina from one of the many walks on the island

Kerrera Sound

Cruising up Kerrera Sound

Blue skies and blue seas

Anchored at Seil.

Nice anchorage on a sunny day.

Punting to the beach through the seaweed.

Looking back at the bay.

Time to head back.

Dinner in the marina bar and restaurant.

Day Fourteen

On the ferry to Oban

Distillery in the town.

Heading up the hill

The tower

Looking back across the bay.

Pub next to our ferry stop.

Gulls at the pub.

Day Fifteen
Time to head home. Oban Marina to Puffin Dive Centre to Lincoln

One last walk around the island.

The Kerrera monument

Looking out to sea

Last cruise past Heather Island

The Puffin Dive Centre

Back on the trailer.

Ready to hit the road.

Late night drop off at Burton Waters, Lincoln

The final weekend milling around Lincoln

After a quick clean up and fettle Naughty-Cal is ready for her next adventure.

Total Miles = 120 Water Miles 2005 Road miles
Total Locks = 30 Locks

Scotland 2017 - Part 5

Day Ten
Banavie to Fort William on the bus

A truly awful day weather wise.

But we are moored next to the pub.

Liam investigating out new Swedish neighbours yacht.

Day Eleven
A day trip in the car with Liams mum from Banavie

A quick walk up the locks.

Windy on the moorings.

Driving into the hills.

War Memorial.


Glenfinnan Momument

A nice secluded beach

Day Twelve
Banavie to Oban

Free of our mooring in Banavie and refuelling in Corpach Basin.

We made it from coast to coast at last

On the pontoon outside Corpach sea lock for breakfast

Cruising past Fort William

Out into the sea.

Motoring down Loch Linnie

Approaching the Corran Narrows

Through the narrows.

Islands everywhere

Smooth seas

Castle Stalker

Coffee break at Port Appin

The approach to Oban

Maiden Isle in the entrance to the harbour

Naughty-Cal on her mooring in Oban Marina.