Tuesday 17 September 2013

Wet and Miserable

It has been a wet, windy and miserable few days with not much in the way of boating to report. We have almost been hibernating and hiding away from the cold weather.

Sunday was spent hunkered down in the cockpit of the boat with the heating blasting out hot air and keeping us toasty warm whilst the guinea fowl cooked itself in the slow cooker and the rain lashed down outside. The only time we ventured off the boat was for a quick wander round the sales pontoon during a brief lull in the rain. There was a definite autumnal feel in the air.

With nothing done on the boat last weekend we have left ourselves a busy weekend this coming weekend as we rush to get the boat ready to head to Kings Lynn the weekend after.  Thankfully nothing too difficult other than replacing some LED bulbs in the cabin for higher output bulbs. The 10w equivalent bulbs we have used for the last three years are ok but a bit dim especially in the galley area so they are all to be replaced with 20w equivalent bulbs this weekend. We also need to give Naughty-Cal a good scrub inside and out, change the bedding (I do like a fresh bed to go away with) and refill the diesel and water tanks ready for the off.

Doesn’t sound too difficult does it now? But we need to fit this lot in between the Lincoln Boat Club Rally Weekend and our good friends with Nitty Gritty visiting from Goole. We will be out of the marina on Friday evening for the whole weekend but need to leave enough time to get back to the marina to refuel as this will be our last chance before we leave and we will need a full tank to get to Kings Lynn and back safely.

The one job which might not be finished in time is the lid for the shower sump box which is proving difficult to track down. We have been sent the wrong one twice now and are currently awaiting on a third option. We could do with this bit before we go as we currently don’t have a lid on the box so any remnants of shower water in there are being thrown around the bilges as the boat heels into sharp turns at speed. Far from an ideal situation as we will be spending a fair while on the plane to get to Kings Lynn.

It’s going to be a busy couple of days this weekend but it will all be worth it for the long weekend we can enjoy next week.

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