Wednesday 31 July 2013

Norfolk Broads - Part 4

 One last run across Breydon Water.

 Heading through Great Yarmouth to Sea in the company of the Sealine Forum.

 Heading through the docks.

 Secret Lady on the Suffolk coast.

 Nitty Gritty cruising past Southwold.

 Busy on the Southwold Staithe. We are rafted four out at this point and all must have lines ashore.

 Seagulls waiting for lunch outside the chip shop.

 A bit quieter when the forum bunch have gone.

 Old dinghy on the quayside.

 The village on the opposite bank of the river. We went across on the rowed ferry.

 After being rowed across the river we winded our way back through the fields.

 Southwold harbour from across the fields.

 Yank cars in the harbour car park.

 Southwold harbour.

 Sunset over the harbour.

 Cannons on the sea front.

 Southwold beach huts.

Sadly leaving Southwold harbour.

Norfolk Broads - Part 3

 Cruising past St Bennet's Abbey beer flags hoisted.

 Some smaller and quieter river sections really feel like you are cruising the back of beyond.

 Moored for a BBQ at Neatishead Staithe.

 Nosed into the reeds for a party on Sutton Broad.

 Sunset over Sutton Broad.

 And we bumped into the very first boat we hired.

 Cruising through pretty Broadland Villages.

 Wherry on Wroxham Broad.

 Its starting to get busy here.

 The marshes between Stracey and Great Yarmouth proved great for bird spotting.

 Cruising over a misty Breydon Water to refuel at Goodchilds.

 The sun is shining on our last day on the Broads. Here we are at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station after a short pit stop for the supermarket.

Air Sea Rescue out on another job.

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Norfolk Broads - Part 2

 Leaving the Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club basin and heading for the Broads.

 Cruising through Lowestoft Docks.

 Approaching Mutford Lock.

 Cruising on the Broads at last.

 Reedham on the Southern Broads.

 Cruising towards Rockland St Mary.

 Happy crews.

 All moored at Rockland Staithe for a few beers.

 Heading across Breydon Water to the Northern Broads.

 Followed closely by the Broads Authority.

Cruising the Northern Rivers

Norfolk Broads - Part 1

 Setting sail for Torksey

 Waiting for the tide at Torksey Lock.

 Someone forgot their hat!

 Blue Pearl on the tidal Trent.

 At anchor at Trent End waiting for the tide.

 Blue Pearl leaving Hull Marina.

 Not very often the Humber is this flat.

 Big ships on the Humber.

 Joined by Nitty Gritty.

 Cruising the Norfolk Coast.

 Nitty Gritty skipping past more of Nofrolk.

Naughty-Cal and Nitty Gritty tucked up the the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club.