Monday 29 July 2019

Drawing to A Close

We would like to thank all of our regular readers for their time and lovely comments over the years.

We have made the difficult decision to sell Naughty-Cal. We just have not got the time for her at the moment and it is a shame to leave her sat idle on her mooring. With this in mind we are spending the next few weeks fettling and cleaning before she is officially put onto brokerage hopefully by the end of next month.

We have had a great 12 years boating and have made some great friends over the years. We won't be strangers and will still see our friends on the water. Just for the time being not on our own boat.

We have plans in the pipeline to buy a campervan and do some exploring by road, but this won't be for a couple of years as we have other holidays booked and planned so no point getting one to just sit it on the drive.

So for now it is goodbye and fairwell. 

Good boating to you all.