Monday, 8 January 2018

Timing it Right

The ever trusty Datsun has gone to the mechanics this morning for her new timing chain fitting. We knew the day would eventually come when it needed replacing, it was already well over the mileage when most become troublesome, in fact some Almera's had issues with the chain from nearly new so it has not done bad to stretch itself out, quite literally, to 143k miles.

It has been a difficult decision to make as to whether to spend the money getting the car fixed or to put that money towards a different car. It isn't the cheapest of repairs, but we have decided that we know the car quite well, well we should do we have had it for going on 13 years, and it has recently had a new clutch, new tyres and new brakes all round. So it was worth it to us to get it fixed.

Hopefully she will be running good as new again in a couple of days time.


  1. lol - my dad still refers to them as Datsuns too ... I recall one we had when I was a kid that required passengers to list their feet up when braking... so as not to get wet from the water which invariably sloshed to the front of the car lol.

    I've stopped having decent cars now - preferring the banger approach and if it fails an mot, flogging it on ebay.

  2. We tend to keep our cars for a long time. This one was 16 months old when we got it for half the price it was when new!

    It has until recently never let us down or cost us anything other then tyres, servicing and brakes to keep it running.

    We should get another couple of years out of it with the chain replaced. But then it is probably time to start looking for something to replace it with :(