Friday, 19 January 2018


It was a decidedly slippery start to the day with sheets of black ice across Sheffield's pavements and roads which made for an interesting morning to say the least, starting with loading up the car at 7.00am, which is usually a 2 minute job. But this time saw us both skidding and sliding around on the driveway and that's before we tried to move the car!

I'm glad to say that we did both make it to the shops to do the mini stock up and both made it to work with no incidents but others have not been so lucky with accidents right across the city.

With temperatures not much above freezing even now it will be a steady drive to the marina this evening. We want to get there in one piece and it doesn't matter how long it takes us as we are not going out anywhere tonight. We have instead opted for a quiet night in front of some TV and a turkey mince spag bol with homemade garlic bread for later in the evening.

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