Thursday, 4 January 2018

Looking Back at 2017 - Part 3

Chilling out in Lincoln

The E Pontoon Beach party

A run to West Stockwith

In the sunshine in West Stockwith Basin

October saw Naughty-Cal take a break as we had a week onboard a hire boat on the Norfolk Broads.

Early start at St Bennetts Abbey

Heading back to base

Halloween Party at Worksop Manor Lodge

Pumpkin carving

And several more local trips to finish the year.

2017 Total Miles = 868 Miles
2017 Total Locks = 70 Locks
2017 Total Litres Fuel = 678 Litres = 5.76mpg

This year we were well down on mileage when compared with previous years but not through choice. We have put this down to our summer two week holiday usually comprising some 600 odd miles but this year only taking 120 miles due to being transported by road. If that is the case then this year may well also be a lower mileage year as we will once again be trailed for our summer holiday.

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