Thursday, 11 January 2018

For The Weekend

We have started looking towards what we are going to do this weekend,. Well we already know what we will be doing on Sunday as we have some special guest coming along with us, but we can't say too much about that as they might be reading!

We are thinking that a night out in Lincoln tomorrow evening might make a nice start to the weekend. I need to be in Lincoln bright and early on Saturday as I have an appointment for my hair cutting so it makes sense to spend the night down there and have a few beers and a bite to eat.

On Saturday after a morning in town we will head back to the marina and get the boat tidied up and give her a good scrub ready for our guests on Sunday. We have a voucher for some money off at the Woodcocks pub on the marina so we may just end up in there on Saturday evening for dinner.

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