Friday, 5 January 2018

Film Night

It is time tonight to head across to see Naughty-Cal. What with one thing and another and New Years celebrations last weekend, despite only being down the road in Gainsborough we never did get to see her last week.

So tonight we have planned a quiet night in tucked up on our berth with the heating on and watching a film with a few drinks before warming through a nice 5% steak mince chilli I made at home during the week served with some wholegrain basmati rice.

We have not got any big plans for this weekend. We will check that everything is ok after a couple of weeks away and perhaps have breakfast in Woodcocks tomorrow morning before heading into Lincoln as we have a table booked for the two of us tomorrow evening in Huckleberries in the city centre. We are still undecided whether to take the boat or take the bus, I guess we will let the weather decide which route we shall take.

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