Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Back to Normality

Christmas and New Year's are now well and truly over, the Christmas cheese mountain is finally finished, the last of the chocolate was finished last night and the beer situation is back to normal again. Time to get back to some sort of normality again.

We have both put on more then a few pounds over the festive period so it is time to start back on the healthy eating and more exercise plan which was so successful for us this time last year. We both want to be back down to fighting weight by the time we go away at Easter which should be more then achievable with a steady pound or so lost each week.

We made a steady start to getting back into the routine last week with starting to take salad boxes to work for dinner again, slowly weaning ourselves back into the healthier meals in the evenings but still with a supplement of chocolate as we watched the TV for an hour in the evening. With that now gone the pounds should start to come off again. Well fingers crossed they will anyway.


  1. Getting through Christmas cheese mountains takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. I'd like to congratulate you both, we also have only just finished our mountain too, but we are lagging behind on the chocolate front. As ever Mick has done sterling work on his and I lag somewhat behind.I'm hoping to ration myself so that it will last me until Easter, but then I normally end up having to donate some to the sulky man sat beside me on the sofa!
    Enjoy your salads Pip

  2. I don't mind a salad at lunchtime. Liam makes a mean salad box. Jerk turkey breast today.

    Weird how we got fed up of turkey over Christmas but we are eating loads of it now! Turkey enchiladas tonight and turkey mince chilli tomorrow!