Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Final Day

It is our final day at work today. A day of tying up loose ends and leaving everything as sorted as it can be before we head over to the marina this evening.

We don't plan to do a lot this evening, just dump some gear on the boat, grab a quick shower and then head across to Harbour Lights for a bite to eat before retiring early to bed as we have a 3am start in the morning.

3am! It has been a long time since we had to get up at that time and I think the last time was boat related as well when we had to catch an early tide from Grimsby.

We have stocked up this morning on sweets and water for the journey. Hopefully a bit of sugar will keep us alert during the early hours. No doubt as we get closer to Inverness the excitement will kick in and wake us both up fully despite the early start.


  1. Well it certainly isn't a full sleep!

  2. Good Luck, hope all goes well, Looking forward to updates.
    Mike (Leo)