Saturday, 22 July 2017

Home Safe

We are now home safe and sound with a big thank you to Tony Tugboat for getting us back in one piece. Very professional as always.

Naughty-Cal is now tucked up safe and sound on her own mooring.


  1. Hope you thought it was a good trip... with so much planning and effort we hope so for you :)

    Ever considered 'harbour hopping' your way up the coast?

    We are nearly ready for our summer relocation down the GU and onto the Thames, I'm not sleeping well at the moment ... Carole says it's because I'm excited! I think it's because we have to get the bow thruster fixed en route and it's not going to be pleasant for the wallet. But worth it for 3 months on board I hope.

    Our thoughts are with you for Monday morning workday blues :)


  2. We tried coast hopping to Scotland a few years back and were foiled by the weather again. Only made it to Newcastle hence the desicion to trail the boat this year.

    Trailing wasn't as bad as we had imagined so will certainly do it again.

    Planning next summer now. Thinking maybe the Thames.