Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Scotland 2017 - Part 3

Day Five
Urquhart Harbour to Foyers to Urquhart Harbour

A hearty start to the day

Leaving the harbour onto a glass like Loch Ness.

Getting some speed up.

The view from Foyers Pier.

The falls of Foyer.

The falls from a distance.

The Mutin at sail on the loch.

Heading back to harbour.

Taking the mile and a half walk into the village.

A beer in the sunshine.

Piper on the village green.

11.30pm on the loch and still not dark.

A still evening on Loch Ness.

Day Six
Urquhart Harbour to Fort Augustus.

Off across the loch once more.

A hint of sunshine.

Approaching Fort Augustus.

Will we find a mooring?

Loads of space.

Hire boats in the lock flight.

Looking down the flight.

The river Oich flowing through the village.

Old church by the river.

Looking up the flight.

Naughty-Cal moved to the end of the moorings to create more space for the hire boats.


  1. Lovely. Thank goodness for digital photography, where you can try taking pictures in all light conditions without worrying about processing costs or running out of film (with adequate storage cards of course).

    I found your thread on CWDF the other day. If you go to the Thames will you be able to boat round the coast, or will that take too much of your leave allowance?

  2. It would take too much leave to go by coast. We would get it trailed down and put in the upper reaches of the Thames. Then spend a couple of weeks working our way downstream. Get picked back up in the estuary somewhere.