Monday, 24 July 2017

Back to Work

Bleary eyed we awoke with the alarm this morning at 5.30am. A sure sign that the holiday is over and it is back to the grindstone for the both of us.

We have had a fantastic two and a half weeks away on Naughty-Cal in some stunning scenery but now it is time to get back to normality and earn some more pennies.

Now we can start to plan ahead for next summers big trip. As we have decided that trailing the boat is not such a big deal and have found a transporter we very much trust who knows where future holidays will take us?


  1. The River Thames! and then Ireland.

  2. We have a group trip in the planning for the Thames possibly for next summer. But it will be a logistical nightmare getting five or six boats, most too big for small boat trailers down there at the same time!

    Be fine for us as we can get dropped off whenever. Being small most marinas will squeeze us in for a few days while we wait for the others to be transported down. More difficult for the 35-40fters though.

    We quite fancy doing the south coast as well. And tagged onto this Liam wants to head across the channel, just to say he has done it!