Monday, 31 July 2017

A Mixed Bag

Yesterday was a mixed bag with the weather. The day started out bright and reasonably warm as we enjoyed a breakfast of toasted Stornoway black pudding, smoked dry cured bacon and Mull mature cheddar sandwiches on our home berth.

By the time we had a couple of lazy cups of coffee however the wind had picked up and a cool breeze was lowering the temperatures.

Undeterred we set off for a steady run into Lincoln. I had a hair appointment at 1pm so we ambled down the Fossdyke, moored up on our favourite spot outside the riverside centre and found a quick drink before hand. Hair done I then rejoined Liam for a beer with some friends before moving onto the Pyewipe for a swift drink and a bit of shelter from the now more frequent heavy showers.

We had decided already that we were going to have dinner in the Woodcocks on the marina. We have not been for a long while although neither of us was quite sure why. So in the company of friends and their daughter we enjoyed a nice meal, my goats cheese and vegetable lasagne was really very nice, after which we headed back to our home berth and settled in for an early evening ready for work this morning.

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