Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Scotland 2017 - Part 1

So I have started to sift through the many hundreds of photos which I took during our trip across Scotland and will try to put them in some sort of order for you now!

Day One
Burton Waters to Inverness by road

Early morning start.

Waiting by the slipway

Inching up the slipway.

Ready to hit the road.

A quick pit stop.

Some stunning views along the way.

Just arrived at Inverness Marina.

Ready for the lift.

In mid air.

Safely back in the water.

Day Two
A days break in Inverness

A dull drizzly day but Inverness still looks very pretty.

Across the River Ness.

Lovely sandstone buildings.

The view down river from the castle.

Old buildings abound.

Lovely old markets.

A quick run out into the estuary to check all was good with Naughty-Cal.

After a half hour dolphin watching it was time to head back on a glassy river.

Back in the marina for the evening.

The view across the marina. Naughty-Cal is tucked away right at the far end of the pontoon. You might just spot her bow poking out!


  1. Been waiting for your photos after being teased every day. Thank you for sharing. Pip

  2. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your Scottish cruise.