Thursday, 27 July 2017

Scotland 2017 - Part 6

Day Thirteen
Oban Marina, Kerrera to Seil to Kerrera

Oban Marina

View of the marina from one of the many walks on the island

Kerrera Sound

Cruising up Kerrera Sound

Blue skies and blue seas

Anchored at Seil.

Nice anchorage on a sunny day.

Punting to the beach through the seaweed.

Looking back at the bay.

Time to head back.

Dinner in the marina bar and restaurant.

Day Fourteen

On the ferry to Oban

Distillery in the town.

Heading up the hill

The tower

Looking back across the bay.

Pub next to our ferry stop.

Gulls at the pub.

Day Fifteen
Time to head home. Oban Marina to Puffin Dive Centre to Lincoln

One last walk around the island.

The Kerrera monument

Looking out to sea

Last cruise past Heather Island

The Puffin Dive Centre

Back on the trailer.

Ready to hit the road.

Late night drop off at Burton Waters, Lincoln

The final weekend milling around Lincoln

After a quick clean up and fettle Naughty-Cal is ready for her next adventure.

Total Miles = 120 Water Miles 2005 Road miles
Total Locks = 30 Locks

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