Monday, 10 April 2017

Sunny Days

We were treated to a cracking weekend. Wall to wall blue skies and sunshine throughout. It was even warm enough to break out the legs for the first time this year!

The BBQ had it's first outing of the year on Saturday evening before we descended onto the Trent to meet up with some friends for a few beers.

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours first thing reproofing the canopies. We did this in the morning so that it wasn't too hot to be outside working. A good choice in the end as it got really hot during the afternoon.

With the hoods dried we headed back to Saxilby to catch up with a few other friends who were having a BBQ lunch. We declined as we had some steaks to cook later in the day. But a lovely afternoon was had soaking up the sunshine. Saxilby was packed as expected on a sunny afternoon. Not a mooring to be found so we went through the bridge and moored on the green in the sunshine.

Some more weekends like that one would be nice.

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