Thursday, 6 April 2017

Steady A Weigh

Liam and I are still steadily shedding the pounds. Not excessively but just a steady one or two pounds a week still. Not bad considering we are still heading out and enjoying ourselves each weekend and not really watching what we eat and drink too much come Saturday and Sunday.

We both are starting to feel the benefits of the weight loss now. We both feel far more energetic and sprightly and doing simple tasks is becoming far easier with less bulk to lug around. Between us we have lost over four stone now, that's the weight of a child!

We plan to continue with the healthy eating approach during the week. We both want to lose a little bit more weight but not a lot, myself perhaps another half a stone to a stone and Liam a little less then half a stone. Then the task of maintaining that weight can begin, which we already know will be easier said than done.

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